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If all goes well, a double disc release in 2021 !

Twenty works by François Tashdjian
with soloists orchestras :

Radio-France, National of France, the Opéra of Rouen, of all Multilateral,

Normans artists, Bretons and Parisians !




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I have the honor and the pleasure to announce that I appear in the future album of "Trio SR9" alongside composers such as Bach; Purcell; Rameau; Handel; Debussy; Bartok; and many others !!!

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Official release on March 16th !


Discover the work "Chrysalide"
in the 3rd Opus this trumpeter

Thierry Gervais.


Available from 2021 : 2-disc set

100 artists, 20 compositions !

15 years of work for the realization of this compilation !

François Tashdjian, flautist born in Gap (05) in 1974 to parents originally from Normandy, Provence and Armenia, he went to Lubumbashi (ex Zaire), Africa at a very early age and spent 5 years there. On returning to France, he saw the famous flautist Jean-Pierre Rampal in a televised piece and became entranced by the instrument. At the age of 7 he studied the flute with Yves Queyroux in the E.N.M.D. in Montreuil-Sous-Bois (93). At the age of 16 he won three gold medals and the following year an excellence award in the class of Emmanuelle Ophèle. He later continued his development with Ida Ribera, Patrick Gallois, Baudouin Giaux, Philippe Lesgourgues, Michel Moragues and pianist Serge Heintz.


To date, he has over 500 concerts to his credit including about 130 with the Young Musicians of France in 1997 and has participated on a dozen CD recordings, including a "soloist" CD to be released in 2018... His current musical production is more particularly concentrated around Paris and Normandy. A complete musician, his ability has led to him play a repertoire ranging from traditional folk music to the works of the twentieth century and early twenty-first century, including Jazz-Rock ("Zythum-Quintet") and Flamenco ("Duende" ensemble). François Tashdjian has possessed a passion for teaching since the age of sixteen, is sought for many juries, holds educational tutorials (CEFEDEM) and teaches the flute, notably at the EMMD in Oissel (Seine-Maritime).


A self-taught composer, his taste for writing first came to light at around the age of 7 (composing his own musical exercises) and blossomed when he was 14 (when he wrote his first work for solo flute "cat and mouse" which was published in 2000 / Ed: "La Stravaganza"). His real "compositional" approach starts with Philippe Capdenat during 1994 - 1995 in the ENMD in Montreuil (93). The Jacques Petit courses at the Conservatory of Rouen (76), provided him with a real qualification in the field and since when he has won first prize for composition, unanimously and with congratulations of the jury in 2002. A specialist in writing for percussion (about ten works), François Tashdjian has sixty works in his portfolio ranging from pieces for a soloist to a large ensemble, and is published by "L.C. Editions" and "Stravaganza".


Winner of international composition competition "Tim 2002" (first certificate of merit) and music competitions of the FNAPEC ensemble (chaired by Patrice Fontanarosa – FNAPEC/2004 prize) with the "Duende" ensemble, François Tashdjian has the satisfaction of seeing his works increasingly played in France and abroad and is regularly invited to participate on Juries, conferences (theme: "Evolution of the mode of playing flute through music"), "interned", creations and orders for "soloists", conservatories and festivals : "The Armada"; "1,2,3 sun ","Brass Week", "the Winter", "Musical Cliffs", "Figures of Notes", " Divertimento "...


His dedicatees and featured artists include the "Moragues Quintet", the ensembles "Ultim'Asonata", "Multilateral" the trio "Antara", Gustavo Dudamel, Jean Geoffroy, Jean-Claude Gengembre, Patrick Gallois, Serge Heintz, Alan Ball, Stéphane Cros, Lise Baudouin, Bastien Baumet, Celestin Guerin, Michel Rousseau, Renaud Guy Rousseau, Cécile Hardouin, Gilles Ranciletti, Thierry Gervais, Mikaël Avenel, Dominique Brunet, Emmanuelle Ophele, Michel Moragues……


In parallel to his musical studies, François Tashdjian is also a painter and has had a passion for drawing since childhood. He completed his first two year (1988-1990) visual arts training course in cartoon at the Pablo Picasso centre in Montreuil-Sous-Bois (93). Influenced by the techniques of artists - painters Escher, Miro, Pollock and Klee he discovered watercolour and ink through his wind instrumentalist technique, "blow painting ", which is very little employed in the field of plastic arts. Two or three years later, looking to find another form of expression, François Tashdjian entered the workshops of the Fine Arts school in the city of Paris ("etching" department).


This is followed by exhibitions in Paris, where two of his "graphic works" in ink disappear... but the bitterness is soon forgotten when he is selected in the "Hauts de Belleville" contest and is part of the exhibition for "Hopes 94". At the end of this contest, he is "spotted" by Patrick-Gilles Persin, Art Critic and chair of the "Great and Young of Today" show, who would go on to offer him the chance in that same year to exhibit in the 34th anniversary of the show, with more than 500 exhibitors at the Espace Eiffel-Branly. Often requested to do book illustrations or CD covers, the artist remains reserved about the exhibition of his works.


Today François Tashdjian has a hundred works to his credit, and when he can he combines "pictorial art" with musical creation...


Get the score "RIOJA"
imposed on the accordion contest
the "Zonta clubs in France in 2016"
by sending me your details :
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Creation in March (FRANCE)  of "Orkos"


An exceptional evening with a guest of honor, the brilliant young Greek pianist, Vassilis Varvaresos.

The musicians of the Regional Orchestra of Normandy will be directed for the occasion by David Wroe, a warm and generous Anglo-American conductor whose unique personality will carry the enthusiasm of the audience.

Also in creation : "ORKOS" for string ensemble and wind quintet / The composer Normand François Tashdjian.


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